Contact ZoneMinder

ZoneMinder is a free, open source program which is maintained by a very small group of developers, for free, in their spare time. As such, we can not and do not offer free technical support / general help.

For developer support, including bug reports, problems with our code, and other software issues, please create a GitHub Issue.

For general help, including help with installation, troubleshooting cameras or motion detection, and other user-facing issues, please see our Forums or join us on Slack.

Paid Support

ZoneMinder offers paid support at an hourly rate of $100 USD; you can save 10% by purchasing a 10-hour block of support. Hourly support is great for assistance with initial setup of your system, fine-tuning of motion detection zones, and troubleshooting pesky cameras that are not working quite right.

As not all work makes sense to be performed in an hourly fashion, we also offer contact-based consulting work for larger projects, such as custom UI development or backend feature work.

Please click the chat icon in the bottom-right of the screen to chat with us live, and be sure to leave an email address.